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Transmit Group delivers a range of business outsourcing services in the business enterprise and finance sectors. We will build people, processes and innovation around your programme to ensure successful delivery.

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Lead Generation

Publicising your products

Having been a national delivery partner of the Start-Up Loans scheme since late 2012, we understand what is required to generate high-volume traffic, enquiries and applications.

On this scheme we generate up to 1000 enquiries per month, culminating in over 600 loan applications.

Using a combination of brand building and lead generation techniques, such as search marketing, data capture, channel partnerships and content creation, we will help you create interest in your products and services.

Lead Generation
Application Processing
Application Processing

End-to-end management

Dealing with high volumes of enquiries and applications can be hugely labour-intensive and requires a team of experienced professionals.

Our experienced team members put customer-service excellence at the heart of everything they do on a daily basis and appreciate the importance of expediting enquiries, clear communication and conversion rates.

Transmit Group will manage end-to-end application processing for your business support and finance programmes so that you do not need to up-scale your team.

Due Diligence

Streamlining your operation

Ensuring your programmes and managed funds attract the right business is paramount to their success.

Transmit Group's Applications Team are highly experienced in the due diligence side of application processing, including robust sifting and eligibility checking, credit checking and business profiling.

Our due-diligence processes will make sure that only eligible businesses and individuals get through to the next stage of your programme which results in eliminating wastage and minimising costs.

Due Diligence
Business Support
Business Support

Advising start-ups and scale-ups

Business support is where it all started for Transmit Group, with our first company Transmit Consulting, back in 2007 and is one of our key Business Outsourcing Services.

We operate a team of business advisers, consultants, coaches and a network of volunteer mentors who, between them, can cover all aspects of business support to start-ups businesses and scale-up businesses.

From business planning and business model canvas through to financial forecasting and modelling, sales and marketing, operations and HR, our advisers and consultants will become an extension of your organisation, therefore providing high-quality and results-driven support.

Client Management

Customer service excellence

Delivering customer service excellence is the main driver of the group.

Handling 20,000 Start-Up Loan applications to date has taught us the importance of providing everyone with the best service and customer journey at all times.

We will ensure that your clients are managed effectively every step of the way.

We employ a friendly and informal approach to client management, which helps us build trust and develop long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and business managers.

Client Management

In-house innovation team

transmitx is our in-house innovation team, started in early 2017.

It is a small and agile team that solves problems, researches emerging technologies and disruptive business models, and identifies ways to work smarter. It is a democratic team without a leader.

You can employ our team to help solve your business problems, explore new ideas or kickstart a more innovative and entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) approach to your delivery.