#TrustlessEcosystems: Platforms Empowered by AI & Blockchain, Thursday 26th July 2018

EVENT: Trustless Ecosystems: Platforms Empowered by AI & Blockchain

DATE: Thursday 26th July 2018 (and every 4th Thursday of the month thereafter)

TIME: 6:15PM - 9:00PM

LOCATION: Imperial College, Lecture Theatre 308, Huxley Building, 180 Queen’s Gate, SW7 2RH - London.

WHY?: Founders of startups, members of the tech community, practitioners, academics and business decision makers are invited to build awareness and positive culture around blockchain and AI whilst learning from valuable discussions.

TICKETS: This event is free to attend. Register your interest here.

This event is hosted by the creators of TiiQu - a platform that uses blockchain technology to create an immutable digital ‘passport’ as verified proof of an individual’s professional trustworthiness.

TiiQu tracks identity, qualifications, certifications, memberships, previous work experience, performance metrics and education. The purpose is to allow organisations and individuals to easily and quickly trust each other, with the mission to remove the guesswork from an individual’s claims about themselves. The ‘passport’ provides proof that the person is who they say they are and has the experience, skill set and core attributes needed for the role in question.


Trustless Ecosystems is aimed at startup founders, the tech community, practitioners, business decision makers and academics who want to discuss the future impact of blockchain or simply learn more about blockchain and blockchain-based platforms.

The event offers the opportunity to listen to how blockchain-based platforms comply with GDPR and to debate with GDPR practitioners, ethics and blockchain experts.


The evening will begin with a 30-minute networking session before heading into the discussion.

Discussions on ‘Why Trustless Ecosystems’ and ‘GDPR and blockchains’ will take place, and five blockchain startups will demonstrate their projects, along with their approach to GDPR and ethics.

Throughout the discussions, the startup founders and panelists will aim to answer the following questions:

  • Are blockchain businesses ‘compliant by design’?
  • What data is ethically correct to store, and how?
  • How 2nd generation platforms should be different from Facebook, LinkedIn and others with reference to the use of data?
  • Given that data isn’t stored in a blockchain in the same way it’s stored in a conventional database, the question arises as to who is responsible and what they’re actually responsible for in terms of data protection?
  • When a user makes a payment using bitcoin, the transaction key is visible to the public. Although this key doesn’t provide any details about the sender or the receiver, it does have a physical source (i.e. it is ultimately linked to a person). Would this count as personal data?

The evening will then close at 9:00PM, with networking to continue at a nearby pub.

If you’re interested in learning more about the future of blockchain or wish to contribute to these valuable and inspiring conversations, you can register for your place here.